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Working Principle


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Air Dryer


Working Principle :

  •                 Schematic Diagram                                            Air Dryer

  • The Principal of the heatless adsorption dryer (Regeneration by purge air) is based on the physical property of the desiccant to absorb and desorb water vapor. Heatless Air Dryers removes water vapor from compressed air through a process known as Pressure Swing Adsorption.


Pressure dew points ranging from -40'C to -70'C are attained by directing the flow of saturated compressed air over a bed of desiccant.The dry compressed air is then discharged from the chamber into the distribution system. While the 'on-line' tower dries, the 'off-line' tower will regenarate.Regenaration or purging is the process by which the moisture accumulated during the 'on-line' cycle is stripped away during the 'offair-line'cycle.


By directing the saturated into the bottom of the 'on-line' tower and flowing up through the bed, liquid condensate caused by rapid velocity reduction, is pulled away from the desiccant to the bottom of the tower.

Design Advantages:

  • All operations are automatic & attendant free.¬†¬†
  • Innovative design to achieve near perfect adsorption curve.
  • Filters are part of standard accessories.
  • Eliminates fluidization and channeling.
  • Reliable life of Desiccant.
  • Optional Purge economizer.
  • Optional¬† PLC & DCS controls


Mini Air Dryer :


Cosmic Mini Air Dryer is a wall mounting type. It is easy of operation, Light weight non-corrosive steam less body, Aesthetic look.


Application : It is specially designed for CNC Machines,CMM printing application, Pharmaceuticals Power coating units.


Range : From 5cfm to 35 cfm